Iran’s Religious Minorities: the Forgotten People at the Berlin Gathering

Fred Petrossian–80,000 people in Germany’s capital have been marching in solidarity with protesters in Iran. On 22nd October, demonstrators came to Berlin from all over Europe. A statement was read at the end of this historic gathering which talked about periods of repression and state violence from the beginning of the Islamic Republic to the present. The statement also mentioned the repression and discrimination of ethnic and sexual minorities. However, incredibly, no mention was made in the statement about the persecution and suffering of religious minorities during the last 43 years. For more than four decades, the “Islamic Republic” has deprived millions of people of their basic rights as citizens. […]

Rasht: Protest is not ONLY about hijab but about FREEDOM

Today is the 13 of October, This story is from Fariba who is 28 years old, from Rasht, the biggest city in the northern Iran. Rasht has seen continuous protest for weeks. Yesterday the protest started around 12 pm Fariba says. First there were about 100 of us then the number increased to 400 or 500. Many people are bastards and did not not join the protest. The regime’s forces beat up people with all time with batons even school girls who were just trying to go to home after school. They attack everyone, no matter whether they chant slogans or not. But we do not fear and do not […]

Sanadaj: Even the hours when people sleep has changed

Iran Voices of Protest–-Today is the 11th of October, 2022. Over the past few days, Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan province has become one of the main centers of confrontation between peaceful protestors and military agents. Amnesty International has warned of the “vast dimensions of repressions” in this city due to the use of the machinery of war and shootings at private residences. Mansour, 49, says Sanandaj had been protesting since the first day. There have been protests from morning until late at night but with the intensification of the conflict, it has moved out of the city center and into the neighborhoods. Everyone’s life has changed in Sanandaj. Schools […]

Iranvisibilia: We are the Revolution

Iran Voices of Protest–The revolutionary Iranian protests for freedom, the abolition of the compulsory hijab, and the end of dictatorship has become an inspiration to the world. Many innocent lives have been lost because of the tyrannical regime. Thousands have taken to the streets and women especially have played an important role by removing their headscarves and burning them in public. In Iranvisibilia, we share the stories of hope, struggle, sadness and bravery of Iranians who are fighting to end the darkness. We get testimonies from Iran and have them translated to make a bridge between Iranians and the world. We believe each story of these brave women and men […]

Iranian Christian Converts in Sweden: Birth of a social movement*

Fred Petrossian–The “I am A Christian too” campaign was launched by a group of Iranian Christian converts living in Stockholm, Sweden, in October 2020 in order to pursue policy change in Sweden and Iran. “I Am A Christian Too” is a loosely organized but sustained campaign among a group of Iranians who share Christianity as their core belief and set their main goal of being recognized as refugees by the Swedish government.   As of July 2022, this campaign has held almost 50 gatherings in Stockholm, making it the most persistent street movement among Iranian religious minorities and even Iranian asylum seekers in the diaspora. At each meeting, between 20 […]